This page shows some of the guest speakers from Astronomy at the Beach in previous years (2010 to present).


Dr. Brad Whitmore

Dr. Bradley Whitmore

In 2010, the keynote presentation was entitited “Legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope” and was given by Dr. Brad Whitmore, Deputy Director of Science—Space Telescope Science Institute. He showed how the Hubble Space Telescope has changed astronomy, astrophysics, and how we perceive our universe.

Dr. Brad Whitmore is an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Maryland. As STScI Hubble Project Scientist he specializes in collisions between galaxies and the star clusters that form during these collisions. He received his PhD in astronomy at the University of Michigan in 1980, was a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism until 1982, taught at Arizona State University in 1983, and has been at STScI ever since. His contributions range from helping to design the observing proposal system at STScI, being the group lead for the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 Group, and the Division Head for the Instrument Divsion. His present position is Deputy Division Head of the Science Division.


In 2011, the feature Presentation was the talk “What’s New In Our Universe.” The talk was given by Dave Eicher (Editor-in-Chief of Astronomy Magazine).

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