A solar eclipse is when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. While it’s not as rare as a Transit of Venus, which won’t return in our lifetimes, a solar eclipse is a rare treat.

2017’s Great American Eclipse is a total solar eclipse on a 70 mile-wide path from Oregon through South Carolina. Detroit is in the path of totality! Detroit, Oregon, that is.

We won’t see totality here in Detroit, Michigan, but we will see a deep partial eclipse, with around 80% of the sun being eclipsed.

Note: if you can get to the path of totality, do so! The difference between 100% and 80% is like the difference between attending a concert and listening to a live album, or even eating a meal vs. looking at the menu. There is no other experience on earth like totality.

GLAAC member organizations will be putting on daytime events for the duration of the eclipse, from 1:03 PM AM until 3:47 PM, throughout Metro Detroit.

Here is the complete list as we know it. Watch this space and the Facebook page for more events and information.